Could SES be your supplier of choice? Hear what Andrew Hogben, Business Director, of Chemring Countermeasures has to say in achieving their exacting specifications in parachute drogues….

About Chemring Countermeasures (CCM UK)

Chemring Countermeasures (CCM UK) is part of the Chemring Group and is the UK’s manufacturer of advanced expendable countermeasures for air and naval platforms.  For countries needing to protect their ships and aircraft from guided missiles, CCM UK is a global market leader in the provision of expendable countermeasures.  It provides the broadest range of flare and chaff products (and components) of unrivalled capability, which is why customers all over the world, including the UK’s Ministry of Defence, have complete trust in CCM UK.

Recognised as a specialist fabric manufacturer with skills in customised drogue parachutes

Air and Naval countermeasures are used by aircraft and ships to counter a range of missile threats across the Electronic Warfare spectrum. CCM UK is the UK’s design authority for MoD’s air and naval infrared decoys and chaff cartridges supplying the UK military, NATO and other international armed forces. Recognising SES as a specialist fabric manufacturer, with skills in customised drogue parachutes used in a wide range of applications, CCM UK established a working relationship with SES to employ their expertise for components in their countermeasure solutions.

Working to obtain the optimised drogue specification

Involved at the initial design specification, SES worked with the team at Chemring to obtain an optimised drogue specification that would enable the precise deployment of naval countermeasures and the stabilisation of its trajectory.  With two customised designs to meet their contractual needs, SES produced samples of test drogues, integral to the design of their latest naval decoys.  Once optimised, there followed ongoing manufacturing orders for countermeasure drogues from SES, all supplied folded and vacuum packed, ready for parachute attachment. Today Chemring Countermeasure and SES have a long established custom manufacturing partnership.

Survival Equipment Services proved to be the Chemring Countermeasures supplier of choice

“When seeking a company to provide parachute drogues, Survival Equipment Services proved to be the Chemring Countermeasures supplier of choice meeting our high standards and reliability requirements. SES have been instrumental in achieving the exacting specifications to meet our needs as well as being reactive to development changes and receptive to agreed quality assurance processes. We look forward to a long and successful future relationship”, Andrew Hogben, Business Director, Chemring Countermeasures.