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As a business, we are continually striving to research, develop and invest in survival solutions that meet the long-term requirements of our customers. This means partnering with industry leaders to enable us to deliver integrated product and service solutions in the world of survival equipment. Many of our customer relationships are founded on strong successful partnerships enabling both parties to benefit from long-lasting mutually advantageous contracts for testing, refurbishment and upgrades of escape systems and associated equipment.

SES Partnerships

MSA Logo


We are a UK authorised distributor of MSA Gallet Helmets for their aviation range of jet aircraft, helicopter and general aviation helmets. With this relationship, SES can further extend its product offering for commercial pilots and vastly improve on delivery lead times, maintenance and overhaul in the UK.

Task Aerospace Inc

Task Aerospace Inc

SES Ltd have teamed with Task Aerospace Inc to extend our service & maintenance capabilities worldwide of Martin Baker and American type ejection seats. This partnership allows us to widen our technical expertise, combine specialisms and to offer customers a greater choice.

Task Aerospace Inc manages, designs, develops & tests pyrotechnics systems and subsystems, ejection seats, and Aircrew Life Support Equipment.

Together we will enhance each other’s capabilities.

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Sea Rescue Gear International

In partnership with Sea Rescue Gear, (SRG) International, we have designed and developed a unique Personal Sea Survival System-combining a life jacket and integrated Solo life raft (known as PS3) for both the offshore safety and aviation industries. SRG International are an established training provider in this sector.

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As a personal survival & equipment specialist, we are keen to extend our product portfolio to include larger rafts with the European general aviation pilot in mind.  In partnering with Survitec Group as an approved reseller and partner of their rafts, we have incorporated the 4-6 man Pilot liferaft and their military specification single seat liferaft (as packaged in our Help-Pack) to our range. Through our partnership, we can offer greater choice and service expertise and maintenance in accordance to Survitec terms and servicing standards.


Become a distributor for SES

If you are interested in potentially becoming a distributor for our survival product range, please contact our Business Development team on +44 (0)1666 505081 to discuss. SES have current distributors covering UK, Europe and the Far East.

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