We rely on oil and gas being produced off-shore – in hostile environments that exposes workers to potentially dangerous situations. The safety of workers is of paramount importance, ensuring that in the event of an emergency, escape and rescue procedures can safely bring survivors to shore.

Collaborative Partnership

SES in collaborative partnership with Sea Rescue Gear International (SRG) are contributing to the design and development of safety & security at sea. Building on an already established reputation for developing aviation survival solutions, this joint development of their unique Personal Sea Survival System-combining a life jacket and integrated Solo life raft (known as PS3), has been a natural progression and potentially widens accessibility of a raft to all.

Enhancing Safety & Security at Sea

In partnering with the expertise of SRG International, an established off-shore training provider – a company dedicated to saving lives, means that everyone could potentially survive a maritime disaster. Offering reliability, ease and intuition for the wearer this unique collaborative design could be critical to life-saving missions at sea. Meeting appropriate legislative requirements and after under-going rigorous testing we are to support the safety of those that power civilization.

Building on an Established Reputation in Survival Solutions

SES’s knowledge and expertise of survival solutions provides an already established product fit and complete with their Micro-Stretcher, compact single life rafts – the Solo-raft and rescue harnesses all of which offer market-suitable survival equipment solutions in an off-shore and marine capacity.

Supporting pilots off-shore

SES in addition are proud to provide helmet servicing to pilots as part of their work with maintenance engineers of off-shore power generation.

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