Engineers at Lortie Aviation receive essential maintenance training on their Hawker Hunter MK 3H escape system by Survival Equipment Services (SES)

Survival Equipment Services welcomed Engineers Talina Melanson and Gary Zimmerman for ejection seat maintenance training of their Hawker Hunter MK 3H.

A customised in-depth training package was compiled by the specialist armourer team here at SES, giving Lortie Aviation the opportunity to enhance their level of knowledge on essential maintenance of such legacy escape systems.

Unique fleet of Hawker Hunters

Lortie Aviation, renowned for its tactical combat training for Armed Forces of Canada, France and The United States from its 18 modified and upgraded Hawker Hunters, originally developed for The Royal Air Force during the 1940’s and early 1950’s. This unique fleet of single seat aircraft have conducted over 31,000 flying hours since 2002 and aims to actively reduce the operation of military aircraft, whilst keeping military manpower working on their primary responsibilities and training needs.

Supporting customer’s the world over with this effective replication of warfare tactics, they continually strive to ensure that their pilots and engineers are trained to be best of their ability. Operational safety and the ability to minimise down time through effective maintenance procedures, is therefore essential for Lortie.

SES supporting legacy aircraft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

With maintenance and expertise on legacy aircraft in short supply and no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer, Lortie Aviation turned to renowned specialist SES for support and in-depth knowledge of these seats, unfound in any technical manual. With a solid history of stripping, maintenance and testing of a variety of Martin Baker ejection seats and canopy Jettison Systems from the early MK 2 seats through to the more modern ‘gas system’ seats of the MK 11’s, SES’s team of armourers are uniquely qualified and certified by CAA to provide a bespoke overhaul and maintenance service of these seats.

Compliant practices of the MK 3H seats

Lortie Engineers Talina Melanson and Gary Zimmerman were taken through the challenges of working with MK 3 seats and a complete understanding of the methods and compliant practices involved with the seat’s critical maintenance.  The training focused on various problem solving related scenarios, the meticulous attention to detail and the critical attention to why a procedure must be carried out. Armed with such enhanced operational and performance knowledge of the MK 3H seats, Talina and Gary will be able to utilise these new accustomed practices.

Lortie’s Engineers said of their week with SES, “We found the training far exceeded our expectations in terms of operational procedures, testing, checking of equipment and removal and replacement of items. We would like to thank the SES team for their superb and in-depth knowledge about seat maintenance”.

Del Hall Company CEO and Managing Director said, “It was a pleasure to have Lorties Engineers at our facility for the week, we hope the training given will enhance the level of knowledge required, improve adaptability of your service and provide that essential toolbox required to perform such critical potentially life-saving maintenance. We certainly look forward to supporting you again in the future.”