Survival Equipment Services has recently expanded its global presence to Thailand in signing Mediclife as one of their distribution partners. As one of Thailand’s leading companies in the supply and training of medical and emergency equipment for over 10 years, Mediclife’s distribution now extends across Thailand.

Specialising in government contracts and with medical emergency teams, Mediclife has numerous applications for SES’s emergency rescue Micro-Stretcher and is currently trialling it across the rescue industry. Suitable for particularly challenging environment’s where the injured may be otherwise hard to reach, this collapsible stretcher fits into a laptop-sized bag or medical backpack. Allowing for quick and effective onward care, this rigid yet compact stretcher offers spinal support and a full range of restraining straps. At just under 2 meters long it is developed from carbon fibre rods and is encased in a hard-wearing, easy to clean mesh netting frame and is used by military and rescue organisations across Europe.

In a recent field training session, the Micro-Stretcher was introduced to Mert Thailand, Thailand’s Medical Emergency Response Team. Bipin Maharjan, Product Manager for Mediclife is excited about this new introduction to their product portfolio. Meeting SES’s Sales Manager Alex Singh in Bangkok recently, he said of the recent contract with SES, “SES have great ideas regarding product development and we are certainly excited about the future. As soon as we saw the Micro-Stretcher, we could see the market potential. We believe that the SES Micro-Stretcher will prove to be one of the most essential products in the field of emergency service in Thailand and we have been getting excellent feedback already from our end users about the product.”

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