“Since 2009, Survival Equipment Systems has not only met our ejection seat requirements but continues to exceed our expectations in cost, delivery and most importantly, safety”.

Dennis “Chim” Rieke , Director of Maintenance ATAC

SES Supporting Fighter, Historic & Vintage Aircraft

Due to our CAA official approval, the aviation industry as you would expect is a core market for SES. As appointed long-term service contractors we provide general maintenance and overhaul of ejection seats and escape systems for the military, civilian training companies, historic and vintage aircraft. We work with civilian companies all over the world who have responsibility for providing high quality, tactical airborne training services for the military, providing in-depth knowledge and bespoke servicing. Many of whom have trained the finest war fighters.

Providing a Bespoke Service

Our bespoke servcing ability permits SES to work as appointed service partners for the Airforce, capabilities which involve the testing, refurbishment and upgrades of the aircraft escape systems and equipment such as parachutes and personal survival packs – many of which are achieved on the basis of cost efficiency, in-depth knowledge, and thorough commitment to service

Supporting World First’s in Aviation History

In addition, SES are proud to support several world firsts in terms of aviation history and regularly service an extensive collection of iconic vintage aircraft, which can be found in museums and air displays. SES are often involved with certifying ejection seats and military jets as Free from Explosives in such environments. In terms of aircraft entertainment, SES have the skills and expertise in supporting aerobatic formation wing walking of vintage aircraft with aircrew helmets and customised harnesses.

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