As a specialist survival equipment company, we can tailor the contents of personal survival kits to suit your constraints by application, climate and geographical zones – temperate, jungle, desert & arctic. Whether pre-packed water tight within your life raft, pocket sized or customised by aircraft type, SES can support your needs. We supply, test and maintain fully equipped personal survival packs (PSPs) for Light Aviation, Fast Jet and both Civil & Military rotary aircraft and provide an ejection seat survival pack assembly & service.

Customised personal survival packs to suit your application

With large stocks in place we are dedicated to supporting and maintaining your survival. Fully customised packs giving full consideration to weight and space restrictions that we can supply you might include:

  • Location devices – A wide range of pyrotechnic electronic & digital signalling and location devices to meet both civil and military requirements from SAR beacons and as a licensed company we can supply and distribute flares of all kinds
  • Survival aids – An extensive range of survival aid products such as knifes, heliographs, nail wire, fishing kits, whistle, matches for example
  • First aid – A comprehensive range of basic first aid & emergency life support kits
  • Ration packs – Ration packs to include water & emergency rations
  • Miscellaneous items – parachute cord, flash lights, sun screen, duct tape and any other items to suit your terrain and personal comfort

Customised packs can include:

SES Inspect & replace survival aids

Many survival aids have a service lifetime and it is important to regularly inspect your survival packs in accordance to your mission and replace items as and when necessary. SES can inspect your survival packs so that they can be relied upon. We have dedicated facilities and the necessary experience to handle civilian and military equipment of all kinds.

Other Relevant Products

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