As you would expect to mirror the service and standards of SAR operations across the globe, SES seamlessly provides a service & maintenance arm for all aspects of SAR equipment all over the world – in terms of prolonging the life and ensuring equipment such as lifejackets, life rafts and harnesses are all rightfully maintained and in top condition.

Applications for Land & Sea Search Operations

Whatever the SAR team be it police, mountain, coast or combat, land/air search operation, SES has manufactured its own portfolio of SAR equipment from its very own Micro-Stretcher, Solo-raft, safety harnesses and life preservers – all compact, lightweight, portable solutions allowing for space restrictions and ease of use. With industry knowledge and understanding the demands of the sector, from deployment of emergency personnel to the rapid, effective retrieval of a casualty has been a priority in design for a mix of terrains and applications.

Use in Military Combat

Put to effective use in military combat, helicopter, land and water rescue our developments, custom manufacturing and in-house servicing ability supports our strong position in this sector. We continue to listen to the requirements of our customers and design & develop quick and effective rescue aids, supporting people in distress and imminent danger.

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