Meeting Market Demands

During the 90’s a large number of private pilots and syndicates were purchasing ex-military aircraft and looking for experts to service their specialised survival equipment. To meet this growing demand, Survival Equipment Services was set up in 1998 to supply equipment and services to the growing number of private jet operators in the UK and abroad.

Specialists in the Field

With a long and established career in the Royal Air Force, founder Del Hall’s unrivaled experience was well placed to secure this position as aircrew Survival Equipment specialists, repacking countless parachutes, life rafts, lifejackets – and fitting hundreds of fast jet and helicopter aircrew with helmets and personal flying clothing.

Market Expansion

Following the growing demand in the industry, 2007 saw the purchase of Seat Star an ejection seat servicing company. This led to the natural expansion of our core business of servicing and repacking parachutes to include the full service and overhaul of ejection seats and all associated equipment.

Dedicated Facilities

Over the years, the company has expanded to develop their own personal survival and safety equipment such as the Solo-Raft and Micro-Stretcher. They recruited specialists in engineering, manufacturing and design to accelerate their development and complement and deepen their expertise even further. Today, they are located in dedicated manufacturing facilities on the outskirts of Tetbury in the UK with customers ranging from Air force, Aircraft restoration, commercial & adventure flying companies, Air Ambulance Trusts, adventure companies and independent pilots.

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