The Micro-Stretcher is one of the most lightweight, compact yet rigid stretchers developed for military and emergency rescue applications over rough terrain and where there may be limited vehicle access. Collapsible into a laptop sized protective bag for land, marine, aviation vehicle or road transportation storage or as part of a backpack configuration for ground personnel allowing them to be hands-free.

Lightweight materials, cutting edge design

The Micro-Stretcher construction comprises of carbon fibre robs with strengthening inserts encased in a hard-wearing netting frame – that contributes to its unique weight, strength and rigidity. The stretcher provides ample support for the casualty with spinal and head support and over-body, chin or head restraining straps. It is tested to withstand up to 311kg in weight  (up to 3.5 times the average UK male). The web mesh material allows ease of cleaning and is available in a choice of colours to suit its application – military or emergency.

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Suitable applications include:

  • Military combat
  • Moutain rescue
  • Emergency services
  • Off-shore
  • Leisure
  • Manufacturing & industrial

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