Our skilled workmanship has been put to good use in a variety of vintage and rescue applications for TV production companies and expeditions. Projects include using an array of our ex-military equipment and a remanufacture of specialist items such as vintage harness assemblies to unique search and rescue delivery systems. Whatever your needs, SES have the facilities and experience to handle civilian and military survival equipment of all kinds.

Re-enactments & Other Leisure Interests

Our range of Paratrooper parachutes have been used in re-enactments & TV production such as Road to Berlin & Badlads Army and continue to support historic and commercial interest. They are also used widely by a variety of bush craft, survival schools and themed paint-balling companies. We also support aviation history and regularly service an extensive collection of iconic vintage aircraft found in museums and air displays.

Rescue Equipment

In addition, our Micro-Stretcher has suitable applications in event medical businesses covering a variety of festivals & events alongside our single man liferafts providing a rescue solution for yacht racing. On a regular basis, we also service helmets for aerobatics pilots and manufacture restraint harnesses.

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