SES – Providing all your Aircrew equipment needs from helmets to clothing & accessories.
In response to growing customer demands and building on an established reputation of servicing escape systems and survival equipment, SES has extended their product portfolio to include an effective way of purchasing and servicing aircrew helmets and equipment assemblies including flying clothing and accessories from one centralised supplier.

SES Your Centralised Purchasing Partner

Making SES your centralised purchasing partner for all types of aircrew assemblies means one transaction from one centralised supplier. We have accounts with leading suppliers and are happy to assist you if necessary as we do for many independent pilots. We can supply all types of aircrew equipment – worn, carried by aircrew and for passengers, including:

  • Helmets & communication systems
  • Flying clothing – flying coveralls, immersion suits
  • Aircrew boots, gloves, protective undergarments & oxygen masks

  • Survival equipment, first aid & ration packs
  • Aircrew accessories including beacons, torches, flares
  • Mobile On-site servicing of helmets & accessories

Authorised MSA Gallet Helmet Distributor

As an authorised distributor of MSA Gallet Helmets for their aviation range of jet aircraft, helicopter and general aviation helmets we can assist you with your purchase choice, a specialised fitting service and general helmet servcing in accordance with Gallet terms and conditions. With this partnership, SES can further extend its product offering for commercial pilots and vastly improve on delivery lead times.

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