“For us at Wiltshire Air Ambulance, Survival Equipment Services provide a vital service to ensure our Alpha Eagle flying helmets are serviced and/or repaired as quickly as possible and in most cases within 24 hours. Such friendly/professional staff who understand our needs and are happy to collect from Devizes, on occasion, which means there are no delivery delays.”

Richard Miller, Clinical Support Officer

Supporting Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance services provide essential medical service provisions to the critically ill and injured from Trusts across the UK. These life-saving medical teams can be rushed to the scene of an incident providing essential support, equipment similar to that of an emergency department. The need to maximise operational efficiency and be responsive to the needs of each incident is therefore vital.

Seeking Charitable Support

For rapid response teams, the need to rely on charitable donations to help fund their helicopters and associated running costs means that cost efficiency is high on the agenda for their aviation contractors, as are highly effective services that minimise downtime.

Whilst patient well-being is always a top priority, securing links through the provision of outstanding services is also paramount.

Proactive Maintenance Contracts

Over the last decade, SES has worked diligently to establish excellent collaborative maintenance and service agreements with Air Ambulance Trusts offering proactivity in customer interaction and offering a unique on-site mobile servicing workshop. Providing general maintenance to testing and fault diagnosis of helmets, aircrew assemblies and rescue equipment. SES are expanding in response to customer demands reducing lead times whilst increasing both cost and operational efficiency.

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