SES checks parachutes as used in warbird aircraft

This week see’s SES servicing parachutes for some of Boultbee Flight Academy’s World War Two aircraft. Boultbee is the world’s first Spitfire training school and approved Spitfire and Mustang Flight Provider offering experience flights and specialised aircraft flight training by some of the finest ex-military and civilian pilots in the world. Companies such as Boultbee offer this service commonly used to train RAF pilots in the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

Within each aircraft, a parachute is fitted, the Strong 306 Squadron Seat model is the choice parachute for Boultbee because it was deigned to be used with the bucket style seat configuration found in most warbird aircraft.  Their parachutes have now been serviced and re-packed by SES’s CAA certified Survival Equipment Technicians, who thoroughly visually inspected the whole assembly which includes the main canopy fabric, harness, pack and all hardware.

The 306 parachute has the modern 26ft Mid-Light canopy which have become known as the standard round reserve parachute for the industry. Over 30,000 canopies have been manufactured to exacting standards. These round canopies can take a huge amount of damage and still get you down safely.

Parachutes are required to be inspected and re-packed every 180 days, as per manufacturer’s instructions, not only to extend their serviceability but to “save lives”. Operations Assistant at Boultbee Flight Academy, Jack Rann said, “We choose SES as our service partner as they are highly regarded in the industry and extremely knowledgeable in parachute packing and inspection. We are extremely impressed with the service that SES provides and have a long and established relationship with them.  Having just had these parachutes serviced, we have just sent some more for service and will continue to do so”.

SES has a fully equipped parachute servicing bay for all your emergency parachutes in respect of inspection, service/overhaul, repair and re-pack. Every parachute comes complete will all the necessary documentation.