Lightweight, compact stretcher aids casualties in military combat

One of the most lightweight, compact stretchers in the emergency & rescue industry has been put to full test whilst being used in full military combat for French Special Forces. The Micro-Stretcher was used successfully coming to the aid of casualties in the field, aiding quick and effective onwards care.

Design & Development

Designed and developed by Survival & Personal Safety Equipment Manufacturer SES, the company’s latest extension to its safety equipment range alongside life jackets, life rafts and personal survival packs, this rigid yet compact stretcher offers spinal support and ease of transportation over the roughest of terrains. Just under 2 metres long the Micro-Stretcher collapses into a compact ‘laptop-sized bag’ for use by ground personnel or storing in a vehicle. Developed from carbon fibre rods it is encased in a hard-wearing, easy to clean mesh netting frame of a choice of webbing colours to suit its application – military or emergency.

Practical Applications of the Micro-Stretcher

The Micro-Stretcher practically assembles itself in seconds after opening and comprises of 6 sections to aid its compact design. It has been tested to withstand up to 311kg* in weight equivalent to 3.5 times the average male in the UK but weighs just 4.5kg in its carry bag.

The casualty can be held firmly in place with four colour coded restraining straps, over body straps and a removable head pad with associated chin or head strap. It comes complete with a choice of 4 or 6 carry straps for ease of transportation across rough terrain for a safe and effective rescue from the most challenging environments.

SES’s Micro-Stretcher application by the French Special Forces is via their European Distributor, Wescue in Sweden who specialize in rescue service and military equipment.

Del Hall, Managing Director is excited about all the applications for this lightweight and compact stretcher which has also been trialled by the SAS and purchased by Flying Pictures, world leaders in aerial film, Fire & Rescue services in Korea and by US Embassy in Cambodia. Del said, “applications for the Micro-Stretcher are so wide-spread, it is so light weight and compact and even fits nicely into a medical backpack, packed into a vehicle and can even be winched by helicopter”. The Micro Stretcher is part of the Fibrelight developments product range, Patent no. PN810172GB Patent Application no. PN810172EP Patent Application no. PN810172US.

*Tested by CTE Composite Test & Evaluation Limited