The SOLO-Raft offers a highly compact & lightweight rescue solution designed for light aviation use, yachtsman, off-shore rescue and other critical individual rescue missions. Offering quick and effective deployment in an emergency and ease of visibility in diminishing light, the single emergency liferaft provides ease of deployment and safe entry from water, allowing a secure place of refuge.

Packed in a compact valise the SOLO-Raft provides ease of self-deployment using a disposable Cocylinder. Fully operational within seconds, boarding is made effective through its design, making entry simpler and safer for the user. Enhanced water stability is guaranteed through the advanced dipped floor by lowering the centre of gravity. Safety is of paramount importance, ensuring that the liferaft cannot be accidently separated from the survivor. Immediate thermal protection is ensured through the integrated thermal layer canopy and survival aids are fitted as standard to the liferaft.

  • Compact & lightweight with ease of stowage
  • Ease of operation in diminishing light
  • Integrated tethering line securing life raft to survivor
  • Enhanced water stability through advanced dipped floor
  • Ease of maintenance from disposable cylinder
  • Integrated pre-packed survival equipment & survival aids
  • High level of protection during extreme weather conditions
  • Integrated sea anchor (drogue) to secure position
  • Ease of transportation via portable valise
  • Compatible with any commercial or military life jacket


Weight packed: 2.8kg/6.16lb, unpacked
Dimensions in valise: 255mm x 190 mm x 110 mm
Tested to hold 310lb in weight
Resistance tested valise fabric: to temperatures exceeding -30◦C/+70◦C
Inflation system: single disposable CO2 cylinder (215g)
Long single layer canopy with integrated splash guard & transparent visor
Integrated handling loops
Integrated survival equipment & survival aids as standard
Highly visible nylon splash guard
Fire retardant
Manufactured to ISO9001 approvals

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