Aviator Passenger Life Preserver

The Aviator Constant-Wear Life Vest is the ideal vest for passengers and pilots flying helicopters and private aircraft. It is designed to be extremely lightweight at just 1 pound 5 ounces and comfortable to wear with specific consideration for how it fits when you’re in the seated position in your aircraft.

The new interior cell folding technique combined with the open V-Neck design allows the Aviator to lay over your shoulders relieving the pressure on your neck during long flights. Items such as the actuation system, cylinder, water-activated light are strategically located on your chest to minimize bulk and allow you to have a full range of motion while wearing the vest.

Deployment is quick and simple via a highly visible red, highly visible beaded handle, located in the centre of the vest. The breakaway safety feature eliminates the risk of snagging. The life vest allows for immediate inflation when activated and can easily be re-closed if needed. Backup oral inflation tubes are conveniently located on either side of the best and easily reached through the side access flaps.




  • Passenger life vest
  • Thin, light and simple in design
  • Designed for comfort & range of motion
  • Quick & simple activation
  • Single cell, 3-layer buoyancy chamber inflatable life-vest with two oral tubes
  • Dual opening
  • Built in locator light
  • Breathable protective cover fabric for reduced thermal burden and increased durability


  • Weight: 1.31 lbs. (.59kg)
  • Buoyancy: Over 35 lbs
  • Inflation System: 1 33g CO2 cylinder
  • Cover Fabric: Nomex® /Kevlar® blended Ripstop for fire protection
  • Colour: Blue, orange
  • Approval: TSO-C13f

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