Professionally pre-packed survival solution designed for use with a fixed wing rotary aircraft or at high seas, the Help-Pack houses an RFD Beaufort type 18 military specification raft and provides a vital survival equipment solution should you counter an emergency situation. Slightly larger than our Solo-Pack, the Help survival pack includes essential survival aids fitted to the liferaft offering an essential professionally packed raft and survival solution.

Supports Weight & Stowage Restrictions

A highly compact and lightweight survival solution for pilots the Help-Raft pack allows ease of stowage in a single carry case for ease of access when time is precious. Design and qualified to the highest requirements for the military, this single seat raft encompasses a rigid hollow shell providing extra stability in the most extreme circumstances. The operating lanyard is on the outside of the compact valise and uses a disposable co2 cylinder, being reflective it also makes location easier in diminishing light. Like the Solo-Raft thermal protection is via the single layer canopy where essential food, drink and other survival aids are fitted as standard to the life raft

  • Compact & lightweight with ease of stowage
  • Ease of operation in diminishing light
  • Integrated tethering line securing liferaft to survivor
  • Enhanced water stability through advanced dipped floor with a separate orally inflated area
  • Ease of maintenance from disposable cylinder
  • Integrated pre-packed survival equipment & survival aids
  • High level of protection during extreme weather conditions
  • Integrated sea anchor (drogue) to secure position
  • Ease of transportation via portable valise
  • Compatible life jacket

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Service & support

With the expertise of our in-house technical expertise SES provides a bespoke refurbishment for your all your rescue equipment. The Help-Raft is assembled at our UK facility and comes complete with a 1 year warranty and should be routinely serviced at regular intervals.

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