X Back Basic Aircrew Vest


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The X-Back Basic incorporates the same fit, adjustment and overall comfort users have come to expect from the SWITLIK X-Back MOLLE design, with the addition of two permanently attached pockets in place of the MOLLE vest attachment loops. The “Basic” naming of this vest speaks not to a basic design, but to a vest that is meant for when you only need to travel with basic items such as keys, phone, wallet, locator beacons & sunglasses.

The design incorporates a unique proprietary interior cell folding technique combined with an open V-Neck design to remove the bulk from your neck and evenily distributes weight across your shoulders to reduce interference with your helmet and fatigue.

The simple reliable dual breakaway design provides immediate inflation when activated (from both sides of the jacket), and can easily re-closed if needed. Backup oral inflation tubes are conveniently located on either side of the vest and easily reached through the side access flaps.


Out of stock



  • 2 permanently attached pockets for all basic essential items
  • Designed for comfort & range of motion
  • Ergonomic lightweight design
  • Allows ease of deployment
  • Designed to transfer the load away from your neck
  • Twin cell inflatable life-vest with two oral tubes
  • Innovative protective cover with dual-opening zipper design that provides emergency access to both oral tubes
  • Built in locator light
  • The adjustable X-Back straps provide enough range to make this vest one size fits all.


  • Weight: 2lbs. 6oz. (1.08kg)
  • Buoyancy: Over 35 lbs
  • Inflation System: Two 18g CO2 cylinders
  • Cover Fabric: Nomex® /Kevlar® blended fabric for fire protection
  • TSO

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