SES’s Constant Wear Aviation Jacket CW-G

These SES designed Life Preservers allow commercial and civilian aircrew the opportunity of wearing a military style & specification jacket that provides a flotation experience irrespective of environmental conditions.

This high performing life preserver has been designed to be both compact & comfortable, allowing ample freedom of movement with snag free contours. The stowage pocket capacity allows ample room for essential survival aids including rations, flares, and a personal locator beacon.



  • Consists of a waistcoat, protective pouch
    (inflatable stole)
  • Touch and close fastened pouch
  • Profiled inflatable stole
  • Stole inflation from a Co2 cylinder
  • Green or navy blue
  • Sizes: Standard up to 40” chest, Large 40+”
  • Whistle, emergency code label & heliograph
    as standard
  • Optional extra – transmitter/receiver unit



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