Aircrew Helmet Range

SES – Authorised Gentex Helmet Distributor

SES is one of the UK’s recognised distributors and service centres of Gentex Aviation Helmets. As a distributor we can assist your purchase from this leading Helmet range for jet aircraft, helicopter and general aviation helmets and provide a specialised fitting service. As a specialised service centre we can support you with on-going maintenance and general servicing in accordance with Gentexs’ manufacturing terms. With this partnership, SES can further extend its product offering for commercial pilots and vastly improve on delivery lead times.

Guiding Your Helmet Choice

As a UK distributor and service centre for Gentex, SES can:

  • Support your purchase choice & provide a helmet fitting service
  • Provide a mobile on-site service of your helmets providing general maintenance and fault diagnosis from highly skilled service engineers

The Gentex Helmet range provides maximum comfort & protection for aircraft pilots and crew members. 

To Discuss Your Aviation Helmet or Service Requirements Please Contact us