The S-CUT XC-E’s larger opening with the gap between the handle being wider at (20mm) than the other models, making it able to cut through thicker materials.

Adopted for many situations when you are in quick need of cutting ropes and straps, the S-CUT XC-E is equally a light weight device, suitable to cut through rope and leather. With a changeable blade, it makes it popular for a variety of users outside of the medical profession, including horse riders, yachtsmen, abseilers as well and prison officers.

A fast and safe way to cut without risk of injuring yourself.

S-CUT removes easily:

  • Ropes
  • Fishing nets
  • Hunting/Field dressing
  • Horse halter straps
  • Halters – in both leather and nylon
  • Electric fence wire/electric fence strap in electric power off conditions
  • Saddle girths and horse blankets etc


S-CUT QE Specification

  • Weight: 0.062 kg
  • Length: 180 mm
  • Material: GRP


  • Powder coated water-cut aluminium
  • Designed after same cutting- and security principle as Medical device S-CUT
  • Choice of colour

brand s-cut

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