Aircrew Coveralls


Aircrew Coveralls produced by a UK Defence manufacturer using inherently flame retardant fabric, formally supplied to the UK MoD and utilised by the RAF.

  • Sage Green
  • Array of sizes to achieve an optimised fit
  • Suitable for civilian and military aircrew
  • Front-opening, flame retardant zip, 2 way crotch to neck slide fastener
  • Lower leg fasteners, allows suit to be donned/doffed without removing footwear
  • Adjustable waist straps
  • Streamline design
  • Multiple pockets

Please refer to the “Downloads” tab for sizing guides.

NOTE: The “B” variant does not have knee pockets and is designed to be worn over the Inner Immersion Coverall Assembly, this variant is however often the choice for those desiring either additional room and/or a more relaxed fit.


MK16A & 17A Aircrew Coverall

The Coverall is manufactured from flame resistant, plain weave, Meta Aramid fabric, coloured Sage Green. A fusible fabric interlining is attached at the collar, epaulettes, waist straps, cuff adjustment straps, side pockets, thigh pockets and lower leg pockets. The interlining is heat pressed into position during the manufacturing process. All slide fasteners are mounted on flame resistant tape.

The Coverall is front opening and fitted with a slide fastener running form the crotch to the neck: provision is made so that the fastener can be opened at the fly: the top fastener is self-locking and the bottom non-locking. To facilitate donning of the Coverall over Aircrew boots, sliding fasteners are attached at the bottom of each Coverall leg: when closed, the lower leg sliding fasteners are prevented from unlocking and working open by the provision of a touch-and-close fastener securing strap.

Three fabric loops are attached centrally on the inside rear collar section of the Coverall. When not in use the garment is hung by the middle loop: the two narrower outside loops are provided for the retention of an Aircrew scarf, when worn.

Pockets for personal items are provided at the hips and equipment pockets are fitted on the thighs (MK16A only) and lower legs to accommodate writing pads and maps respectively. Each thigh pocket is fitted with a pencil pocket and two white and one clear Cobex sheets. A pocket, closed by a nylon sliding fastener, is fitted at each breast pocket. A pencil and pencil-torch pocket, lined with foam is fitted at the top of the left (wearer) sleeve. A side slot is provided at each hip to give access to garments worn underneath.

A non-reflective metal D ring secured by a fabric loop, is provided for the attachment of an oxygen mask hose.

MK 16B & 17B Aircrew Coverall

The Coverall, Aircrew Mk 16B and Mk 17B are lightweight, one piece garments. Designed in the same manner as the Mk 16A & 17A.

  • However, the B variant is specifically designed to be worn over the Inner Immersion Coverall Assembly and is often the choice for those desiring either additional room or a more relaxed fit.

Lower Leg, thigh and pockets with chinagraph pencil attachment loops are fitted as standard.

The left and right knee pockets are deleted on the Mk 16B & 17B.

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Mk16A Size 1, Mk16A Size 10, Mk16A Size 11, Mk16A Size 12, Mk16A Size 13, Mk16A Size 2, Mk16A Size 3, Mk16A Size 4, Mk16A Size 5, Mk16A Size 6, Mk16A Size 7, Mk16A Size 8, Mk16A Size 9, Mk16B Size 1, Mk16B Size 10, Mk16B Size 11, Mk16B Size 12, Mk16B Size 13, Mk16B Size 2, Mk16B Size 3, Mk16B Size 4, Mk16B Size 5, Mk16B Size 6, Mk16B Size 7, Mk16B Size 8, Mk16B Size 9, Mk17A Size 1, Mk17A Size 10, Mk17A Size 11, Mk17A Size 12, Mk17A Size 13, Mk17A Size 2, Mk17A Size 3, Mk17A Size 4, Mk17A Size 5, Mk17A Size 6, Mk17A Size 7, Mk17A Size 8, Mk17A Size 9, Mk17B Size 1, Mk17B Size 10, Mk17B Size 11, Mk17B Size 12, Mk17B Size 13, Mk17B Size 2, Mk17B Size 3, Mk17B Size 4, Mk17B Size 5, Mk17B Size 6, Mk17B Size 7, Mk17B Size 8, Mk17B Size 9

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