MSA Gallet LA 100

LA 100 Helmet For Fast Jet Pilots

The Gallet LA 100 is MSA’s world recognised generation of flight helmet, designed for the needs of pilots of fast jet combat aircraft, equipped with ejection seats and oxygen.

It has all the comfort and impact resistance as offered from the helicopter models, ensuring good head mobility and centre of gravity giving a natural stability.  The LA 100 lightweight helmet provides high speed resistance, high optical quality and ease of maintenance with extra personalisation for that perfect fit.

  • Dual visor with high optical quality for UV and IR protection
  • Lightweight helmet to ensure maximum comfort during flight
  • Impact and penetration resistance by aramid / carbon fibre shell
  • Retention system ensuring head mobility, comfort & stability
  • Provides a high level of passive noise reduction
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Available in 2 sizes with personalisation for a perfect fit


LA 100 Specification

  • NVG: (ANVIS) capability: Optional
  • Noise protection: Optimised for low frequency
  • Shock resistance:
    • Higher energy with low deceleration
    • Optional shape & density impact cap
    • Earcup soft material
    • Side shocks
  • Penetration resistance: High energy tear test (USAARL)
  • Weight: Basic configuration:1000g
  • Colour option: 14 colours
  • Chin strap: Patented retention system for optimal security & fit
  • Visors & visor covers: Dual integrated into carbon fibre – Clear, yellow, grey, green
  • Speaker impedance (ohms): 9.5, 19,150,300,600
  • Microphone impedance (ohms): 5,19,100,150,300
  • Downlead: Coiled or straight with various lengths & wiring configurations
  • ANR: Optional
  • CEP: Optional
  • Connector type: Various options

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