MOM 8A Rescue Horseshoe

The Manover board MOM 8 gives you time to return to the victim in a safe and prepared manner. The completely self-contained system is designed to be rail mounted to the stern of a boat providing instant deployment into the water near the victim.

The Underarm Flotation Device will keep the victim afloat, while the pylon fitted with reflective tape and an LED light provides excellent visibility. The weighted sea anchor will ensure that the victim remains in the same location. With the durable lifting straps, getting a victim back on board becomes easy. When brought along side, the victim can be lifted vertically by attaching a halyard or other device to the durable lifting straps and eye rings on the Underarm Flotation Device.

With the MOM 8-A the only focus is on pulling a single pin. Located on the top of the canister is a deployment handle, which when pulled, releases the bottom of the canister and allows the inflatable devices to automatically inflate while falling into the water. Buy the extension kit for a wider vertical gap between railings for mounting.


Canister Dimensions:

14.5” X 11” X 4.25”
Gross weight: 22lbs
Material: Polyethylene


Bouyancy: 40 lbs
CO2 inflation: 38g cylinder
Capacity: 400 lbs
Colour: Yellow
Material: Urethane coated nylon


Height: 6’ @waterline
CO2 inflation: 33g cylinder
Colour: Yellow
Reflective: 72 inches square
Auto light: 5 hour, flashing
Material: Urethane-coated nylon

Pacific International Yachting Organization Special Regulations as Life Saving Equipment in Section 5.6

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