This 4-6 man RFD Beaufort Pilot liferaft was designed for the colder European waters. It is lightweight and square in design and offers a perfect compact solution for multiple occupancy on light aircraft flying over the colder European waters. As you would expect from RFD’s unique features this raft is designed in highly visible materials and once in water will inflate within 8-12 seconds. The canopy is an integral part of the raft, and is automatically erected and supported in position by an inflatable arch tube which acts as further buoyancy.Survival equipment and essential survival aids including a rescue line and quoit, a sea anchor drogue and an internally stowed emergency pack are positioned under the boarding ladder for immediate use. Thermal protection is provided via a seal on the canopy and stabilising water pockets fitted to the underside of the floor prevent survivors capsizing in rough water.4-6 Man RFD Multiple Occupancy Pilot Raft
  • Compact & lightweight raft with ease of stowage
  • Single cylinder inflation system
  • Large capacity water pockets for high stability
  • Integrated survival equipment & survival aids
  • High level of protection during extreme weather conditions
  • Integrated sea anchor (drogue) to secure position
  • Ease of transportation via portable valise
  • For use on light aircraft