When land is far behind you and home is on the other side of the horizon, you need the best peace of mind and protection. The OPR Offshore Passage Raft is our ultra modern and lightest of our liferaft solutions based on decades of prior designs, research and testing. With plenty of freeboard for high seas and advanced features such as our convertible canopy system, heat sealed construction, and four rigid boarding steps, the OPR is the provides the ultimate safety when offshore. *For those who venture to farther waypoints and test the limits of their craft, upgrade to Switlik’s OPR HD with a nylon fabric, complete with survival gear.The Offshore Passage Raft (OPR) provide ultimate safety and stability whilst further offshore:
  • Suitable for 6-8 people
  • Suitable for off shore (greater than 10 miles from shore)
  • Ease of comfort in more volatile weather conditions
  • Rapid & flexible boarding
  • Carry-on-board
  • Highly stable from 2 buoyancy tubes
  • Allows ease of entry/exit from 4 boarding ladders
  • Designed to prevent sea sickness with 4 access windows
  • Sun protection & ventilation from convertible canopy
  • TSO C70a Type II approval
Offshore Passage Raft (OPR) in HD gives you the addition of:
  • Patented Toroidal stability system for greater stability further offshore
  • Compliant to ISO 9650 type 1 offshore racing standard from HD tube material
  • Additional survival equipment
  • ISO approved (suitable for some racing applications)