Military Life Preservers

  • Military Style Life Preserver This high performing Military life preserver is designed for fast jet applications. It has a front oxygen mounting plate for regulators and offers front plate closure. Pockets are provided for the stowage of a Personal Locator Beacon and survival aids to assist the location and rescue of the wearer.
  • Certified & Approved by over 20 international Air Forces Certified and approved by several international air forces the MK 61 is used widely by international defence organisations. Designed to highest UK MoD specification this rear crew life preserver within non-fast jet, fixed and rotary wing aircraft incorporates a unique design and advanced technology. Aircrew Style Life Preserver Offering excellent protection for aircrew deployed in hostile environments, this life preserver incorporates marine survival floatation combined with armoured torso protection. Allowing ease of movement, a high level of comfort and adequate survival equipment storage, makes it the ultimate defence under fire Aircrew garment.
  • These SES designed Life Preservers allow commercial and civilian aircrew the opportunity of wearing a military style & specification jacket that provides a flotation experience irrespective of environmental conditions. This high performing life preserver has been designed to be both compact & comfortable, allowing ample freedom of movement with snag free contours. The stowage pocket capacity allows ample room for essential survival aids including rations, flares, and a personal locator beacon.  


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